Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grisaille Ornamentation

This is one of my favorite images. What a room! I've thought about creating hanging wall pieces looking like the panel show here. I think it'd look great in any setting, but those powdery blues and golds look particularly good here.

Following are a couple of outstanding images related to an earlier post regarding grisaille. These are a very rare find indeed! These original hand-painted fragments of wall-covering have all the information you would ever need in order to render your own grisaille ornamentation (including remnants of the old pounce pattern), and certainly warrant a close look. I've reproduced them large so that you may really see the brushwork in detail.

Pierre Finkelstein's excellent sourcebook, The Art of Faux (for which I had the honor of assisting him produce some of the samples), teaches us how to create a rosette in grisaille. This simple lesson is fundamental to all successive work in grottesca. Here's my version of his classic rosette, on faux Bottocino marble.


  1. Sheer art porn....I think I just peed in my pants! ;)

  2. The grisaille ornament is my new screensaver...yawn...goodnight!

  3. Beauteous Maximus! Where did you find those? I know the Finkelstein one- copied it myself, and used it to teach some others too.

  4. Alan-
    I'm getting ready to do some samples of grisaille and came back to look over your site beforehand. Thank you so much for putting this out there. You are a real gem!

  5. I just ran across these, they are amazing!!