Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Robert Adam used Stucco and Paint

There was a very simple reason why the great British architect Robert Adam used Stucco and Paint instead of tapestries and upholstery when designing Dining Rooms such as this one in Lansdowne House: So the smell of roast suckling pig wouldn't hang in the room.

"The eating rooms are considered as the apartments of conversation, in which we are to pass a great part of our time. This renders it desirable to have them fitted up with elegance and splendor, but in a style different from that of other apartments. Instead of being hung with damask, tapestry & c. they are always finished with stucco, and adorned with statues and paintings, that they may not retain the smell of the victuals."


  1. I learn something every time I visit! (Your posting conjures up those stories I've heard of well-dressed dinner guests wiping their hands on the household dogs.)

  2. Mmmm pork crackling and apple sauce. Those guys knew how to live.

  3. I wonder what he was like to work for.

    Love his plaster designs!

  4. Fantastic, I love how you detailed his reasoning and logicality for using stucco. I had no idea, nor would I have ever guessed.

    -Adam Ahmed

  5. You never see this kind of stucco anymore. The attention to detail is amazing and the workers who did the project are equally amazing, what talent!