Saturday, January 15, 2011

Paul Cézanne's Studio

There's probably some truth to the idea that the first step towards manifesting your dream is to stick a photograph of it on your fridge. Well here is mine: Paul Cézanne's studio in Aix-en-Provence. I don't just want to visit it; I want to live in it and wake up every day to every single object in this room, staring for hours out the window at Montagne Ste. Victoire.


  1. I'd have to have a few lives going as I have many artists' studios that I admire!

    They sure inspire me. I have a feeling, Alan, that yours would also be on my list!

  2. The lighting is perfect and the patina on those walls has my attention. The fridge is a start. Dream big!

  3. I once read that R. Crumb sold a suitcase full of his sketchbooks and bought his home in France. I've been filling sketchbooks since.

  4. It makes sense to me that Cezanne's perceptive art would be linked with such an exquisite space.
    My fridge theory is that you create a logos seed by committing your heart to that vision and goal. The potential for realization is all present at the moment of conception and then you realize it with your deeds through "the process called time". Stay focused on the nexus whatever the seasons bring, and your vision will manifest - Voila! :-)