Monday, April 12, 2010

Ornamental Panel

This is follow-on post from the earlier 'Grisaille, a closer look'. Above are two versions I created of a new panel design using a blend of traditional hand-painted techniques and digital technology.

I wanted to show you the possibilities that Photoshop affords. It's the same vase as before, this time combined with a whole stack of new elements that I either hand-painted and scanned, or painted right in Photoshop using the Wacom tablet.

The landscape image in the background is a small section of hand-painted mural that I created for a European client. Here is a photo I found online of a Swedish garden that I used as a reference for the scenic element of my panel.

Before shipping the mural on canvas across the sea, I sent each canvas section (approx 7' x 16') out to a large format scanner and had DVDs made of my mural. Now that I have everything digitized, I am free to re-configure and re-color. I can literally create countless new versions.

Everything is adjustable. From the colors and scumbled over-glazes to the elements themselves, all saved on separate layers. Here's a reference image that I liked from a book on Swedish Neo-Classicism. I used it as a starting point to paint the bottom element for my new panel.

And this is an image showing the original landscape mural, installed in Europe.

You can view additional images of the same mural installation here, on our website.

 The section I used for my new panel above is actually hidden behind the star-shaped mirror and side table.


  1. OMG, Alan! Your work is just so amazing. Thank you for all of the inspirational and educational information on this blog!! I really enjoy reading all of your entries and seeing all of your photos.

    Bonnie Lecat

  2. Alan,
    This is some great stuff no matter how you look at it. I am not so versed in PS but I am learning. The future of fine art will be interesting to watch and am afraid that the worse is inevitable for those who don't.

  3. you are amazing , thank you so much for sharing your precious knowledge with us :)

  4. Very good excellent. Thanks from Venezuela ... humberto antonio

  5. Hi. After you combine the hand-painting with digitized elements, do you then hand-paint the created images onto your canvas? Your work is truly amazing!

  6. It is June 11th 2014 and I just Googled "how to draw an acanthus leaf"... I found your gold mine. I am at work and sorry that I am. I need to see all this stuff at home; it has made me crazy today... love it... gifted hands, gifted hearts...these are the people who produce all of this eye wonder! thank you, Alan!