Thursday, January 19, 2012

Speed painting: Lessons from Tintoretto

 "It is related that one day, in Venice, the Council of Ten decided to submit the decoration of the wall at the end of their council chamber to a competition. The subject proposed was "Paradise" and the painters were given a week in which to prepare their sketches.

Tintoretto took this week to profit, not merely to submit a sketch to the judgment of their Excellencies, but the completed painting itself, measuring more than thirty feet."

J. Maroger, The Secret Formulas and Techniques of the Masters


  1. Dude, that's not even possible. Myth! The painting is 74'x30' on canvas. He wouldn't even be able to gesso that thing in a week's time. Why is there a sketch of it in the Louve? That had to be submitted at some point to the council. He didn't sketch the design / composition, gesso a 2,220ft2 canvas and paint that intricate detail in one week - and he didn't have 20 helpers, either. He had his son. The frickin paint wouldn't even have been dry enough to it up. It was done in oil, not Golden fast dry acrylics, yo! Come on, I cry, "BOLLOCKS!" Sorry, lad.

  2. I bet you this was a Roman Catholic that started this one. You got to watch out for them (I should know, I'm Italian, I got 500 of them yappin it up daily ;) - catch my drift?). Next thing you know, you'll be preaching Sunday's sermon at Brooklyn's St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church if you keep believing this poop. You and I couldn't even stretch, prime & base coat that canvas and glaze it in a week, bro...that's the equivalent to painting 5 bedrooms that are each about 18'x10' with 8' ceilings.

  3. I read or saw something that said Michealangelo was about the highest paid artist of the time, sort of in the Bill Gates league for that time. Love those artists.