Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art Nouveau Pattern Book

Titled 'Combinaisons Ornementales,' this volume was written by Maurice Verneuil, and contains artwork by Alphonse Mucha, and Georges Auriol, among others.

You could go to Amazon and buy the book, but here's the link to download the entire book in pretty much any format you might want, for free. Beautifully rendered, stencil ready artwork. Just bring it into Illustrator and hit 'autotrace'.

You can find some free border designs for stencils by Georges Auriol here. Just hit the 'download pdf' link on the right. You can also find a copy of his "Le premier livre des cachets, marques et monogrammes," containing mostly monographs, at this link.

Following are some of the illustrations from Verneuil's book. Enjoy!


  1. the peacock feathers are just too wonderful! congrats on this array of beauty.

  2. Thank you for the link to the digital copy! I've had this book for years and always wanted to expand some of the borders for stencil use, but never got around to it....this will make it MUCH easier!

  3. Thank you! really thank you for sharing these resources :)!!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for putting this together! I was wondering if these are creative commons licensed? I am working on a photoshop project for class and would love to use some of these in my design.