Monday, March 29, 2010

The Builder's Companion, by Benjamin Asher

Good old Benny the Builder.

They don't make them like Old Ben anymore. I'll bet he never charged the client when he ran off to do personal errands at the candlestick maker or piano tuner. Benjy Boy wouldn't dream of adding more than 20% on any of his sub-contractors, blaming the dog when he sat on the chaise longue with a pair of painty pantaloons, or dashing off for elevenses to the toffee shop for a bag of Mrs. Miggin's delicious homemade fudge while pretending he just had to nip out and 'grab a tool from the chariot'.

Here are a couple of plates from the book by Benjamin, Asher (1773-1845) with the mouthful of a title; "The American builder's companion; or, A new system of architecture: particularly adapted to the present style of building in the United States of America." (1806)

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