Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Schloss Schonbrunn

This is the treasure trove for any mural artist. You can do no better than to study this room in detail. I simply have too many photos to put up here, but these few give you a sense of the skill that went into the production of these wonderful rooms, variously called The Goess Apartment, Crown Prince Rudolph's Room (KronPrinz Rudolf Zimmer), or Bergl Zimmer (after the artist who painted them, Johann Bergl).

Located in the palace Schloss Schonbrunn in Austria, these magical rooms failed to seduce poor old Rudolf, who ended up shooting himself in the head with a revolver. They also served as the Summer apartment of the Empress Maria Theresa.

I've been posting old Illustrated Books of Flora and Fauna because they are the workbooks that an artist such as Bergl would have used to create this exotic scene. It's clear that he did his homework from the loose yet masterful brushwork conveying an immense breadth of species.

Anyone trying to make money in this field should take a long look at these in order to fully appreciate the economy of brushwork at play. Essential reference material.

Some nice broad shots of the rooms can be found here.


  1. You are so appreciated for posting these incredible images! What inspiration...and just what I needed to start my day with! Big thanks!!!

  2. Wow!! that's so creative and must see! Very well done, for posting such a amazing images.

  3. Crown Prince Rudolf would never have seen these paintings, during the 19th century they were all covered over with felt [which preserved them and their colours until they were uncovered in the 20th century]
    The World of Interiors did an article on these rooms and I recall they were created for one of Marie Theresa's daughters who had been badly scarred by smallpox. Apparently she didn't like going outside much and being looked at by strangers and so spent a great deal of time in her suite. The decor was intended to bring the great outdoors to her.

  4. thanks for sharing.

  5. This is one of your best posts Alan! "Cultural spies"...! and "travel -stained and weary"...great quotes. I would love to wander in Italy more often than I do.
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